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5 Awesome Ways Arts & Crafts Bolster Child Development August 11, 2017

Maryland Heights, Maryland Heights
5 Awesome Ways Arts & Crafts Bolster Child Development, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Although a lot of emphasis is placed on reading, writing, and arithmetic, arts and crafts also bolster child development. The professionals at Artherapy Studios, which offers painting classes to children and adults in Maryland Heights, MO, say dabbling in the arts at a young age helps kids learn valuable skills to help them later in life.

Below, the staff at this local studio highlights five ways arts and crafts positively impact child development:

  • Boosts Right-Brain Function: In school, kids focus on reading, math, and science. These subjects require logical thinking and analytical skills, commonly associated with left-brain function. Unfortunately, the right side of the brain, which is related to creativity, doesn’t get the same workout. Introducing kids to arts and crafts will fill in gaps the classroom setting lacks.
  • arts and craftsBuilds Confidence: Positive reinforcement is beneficial during each phase of life, but it’s critical at the childhood development stage. When parents react positively to their children’s work, it boosts their self-confidence. This will make them more apt to try new things and strive to do their best.
  • Teaches Self-Expression: Often, it is difficult for young children to articulate their feelings. Arts and crafts teach them how to express themselves in a creative way.  
  • Introduces Kids to Different Cultures: Arts and crafts help kids broaden their knowledge by learning about different cultures, countries, and historical events linked to various art styles and techniques. 
  • Improves Interpersonal Skills: Sometimes, arts and crafts are a collaborative process. Working on art projects with peers and adults will improve your little one’s communication and listening skills. 

To enroll your children in a crafting class in Maryland Heights, or learn more about the studio, paint parties, happy hour, and more fun activities, call (314) 249-2800 today. Visit Artherapy Studios online to see students’ work, and like them on Facebook for updates on events. 

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