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3 Walk-In Refrigerator Issues From Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Experts August 29, 2017

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 3 Walk-In Refrigerator Issues From Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Experts, Charlottesville, Virginia

Maintaining your walk-in refrigerator or freezer is essential to preserving the quality of your food. Since spoiled goods could end up costing your company thousands of dollars, it’s important to always be on the lookout for signs in case your system is acting up. As a leading commercial kitchen equipment repair company, Tech-24 has provided some information about common refrigeration problems below.

If you own or manage a restaurant, here are some common problems you could experience with your refrigeration equipment:

  • Ice Buildup: Ice accumulation is often a result of poorly functioning evaporators. A sound evaporator system will perform a defrost cycle to remove built-up ice from the coils, but if it’s not working correctly, the coil will stay frozen and the compressor will have to work nonstop. If your compressors are overworked, they’re more likely to incur costly damage. Luckily, commercial kitchen equipment repair experts can service the evaporators to prevent more serious problems from occurring. Just make sure you call for maintenance as soon as you spot ice formations.   

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  • Temperature Problems: If your refrigerator’s control panel shows a different temperature than what it truly is inside your walk-in fridge, it’s time to call for help. There are a few possible causes behind the problem, but oftentimes, it’s a result of a buildup in the compressor. Your equipment service team can recommend a timeline for cleaning your compressor, but most recommend doing so every 90 days. Otherwise, grease, dirt, and other buildups can accumulate and prevent the compressor from working effectively. Blocked vents are another cause of temperature discrepancies, so check for obstructions before calling for assistance.  
  • Door Seal Issues: Lastly, a faulty door seal can cause air infiltration, thereby increasing your system’s cooling load and causing moisture to build up in the evaporator. If your door doesn’t seem like it’s sealed properly, it’s possible that the door heater failed. A repair professional will get to the bottom of it to prevent your refrigerated goods from perishing.

To keep your refrigeration equipment running in top condition, you can depend on the detail-oriented team at Tech-24. Their appliance repair experts excel in servicing walk-in refrigerators and freezers and are committed to helping you extend the life of your kitchen equipment for as long as possible. To schedule commercial kitchen equipment repair services for your business, visit the website to find a location near you. You can also like Tech-24 on Facebook for up-to-date announcements.

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