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5 Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling September 11, 2017

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5 Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling, Honolulu, Hawaii

Indoor cycling — commonly known as spin class — is an intensive workout that’s gentle on the joints. Applied tension on the bike plus the varying intensities can result in significant amounts of burned calories, power, and cardio benefits. It also provides a fun challenge for those who love the combination of music and high activity.

5 Benefits of Indoor Cycling

1. Healthy Heart

Indoor cycling is a great cardio workout routine you can do regularly. It keeps your heart pumping, and you learn to control your breathing at the same time. It gradually increases your cardio endurance, so you won’t be panting after minor physical exertions.   

2. Burns Calories

The exact amount of calories you can burn while spinning may depend on your size, the amount of time you spend on the routine, and intensity. For example, a 150-pound individual can burn as much as 240 calories cycling at a moderate intensity for half an hour.

3. Builds Muscles

All the intense pedaling will help you build and strengthen your muscles. Cycling primarily targets your buttocks and thighs. As you raise and lower into the saddle, you also get to work on your hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. The routine also engages your arms and abdomen.

4. Low-Impact Exercise

Spinning is a low-impact workout because it doesn’t put pressure on the hip, knee, and ankle joints. It is recommended for individuals recovering from orthopedic injuries that are ready to engage in exercise. It can also benefit those who have arthritis.

5. Relieves Stress

cyclingAny exercise can relieve stress, but cycling is more efficient because it improves your mental discipline. It teaches you guided imagery which is a powerful technique that directs the imagination in positive ways. Plus, you get to socialize with your fellow spinners.


Fitness enthusiasts in Honolulu, HI, who want to attend spin classes can do so at Honolulu Holo Cycling Studio. This fitness center can help you achieve your goals through an engaging and fun indoor cycling exercise session. To reserve a spot or gather more information about spinning classes visit their website

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