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Guide to Tires: What's Killing Your Tires? August 18, 2017

Eastside, Paterson
Guide to Tires: What's Killing Your Tires?, Paterson, New Jersey

Tires experience a lot of wear on the road and eventually need to be replaced, but tires can also wear down sooner than expected. Everything from unbalanced tires to loose wheel bearings can impact the lifespan of a tire’s tread. The specialists at 21 Ave Tire Repair in Paterson, NJ, want to help drivers understand what’s unnecessarily killing their tires. That’s why their experienced team has compiled the guide below.

Guide to Tire Replacement

What Causes Tires to Fail Prematurely?

tiresThere are many factors influencing how long tires can last on the road. Most failures can be traced to improper inflation. Too often, drivers don’t account for changing temperatures, their vehicle’s load, or wheel positions, and both under- and over-inflation cause irregular wear. Mechanical problems, such as bent or flexing axles, loose wheel bearings, and worn shock absorbers can also cause unnecessary damage. Putting mismatched tires or the wrong type on a vehicle can also contribute to issues. Road hazards and improperly balanced tires can lead to premature wear as well.

How Can I Extend the Life of My Tires?

Routine maintenance and frequent inspections by an auto repair technician will help you monitor your tires in the long run. Make sure you check your tire pressure often and rotate and balance your tires on a regular schedule. A new tire specialist can also make sure your vehicle is equipped with the best-suited set of wheels for your climate, vehicle model, and budget.

If you find yourself in need of new tires or tire repair, the licensed professionals at 21 Ave Tire Repair offer a large selection of new and used tires and tire-related services. Specializing in customer service, one of their associates will be happy to schedule you for a consultation or repair. Call (973) 225-0923 today, stop by their location at 411 21st Ave. in Paterson, or learn more online.

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