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Top 2 Effective Applications for Solar Window Film August 28, 2017

Old Forge, Lackawanna
Top 2 Effective Applications for Solar Window Film , Old Forge, Pennsylvania

Solar window film is a resourceful type of technology that comes with several benefits. It has grown in popularity as a highly effective solution for common problems that many people have with their glass surfaces, concerning things like glare, heat, privacy, and fading. It’s also great for increasing energy savings. However, despite its rising demand, many people still have questions about where exactly solar window film can be used.

As the only authorized 3M Prestige window film dealer in Old Forge, PA, and the surrounding areas, Sun Control Plus is a trustworthy source for these types of inquiries. They are relied upon by many of the region’s residents to provide a wide variety of top quality film products and have a vast knowledge of how they work. Below, they explain which locations solar window film will perform best on.

1. Residential Windows

There are numerous advantages to installing solar window film on residential windows. It enhances the comfort level of living environments by reducing the glare shining in from the sun and decreasing the amount of heat that’s allowed to penetrate windows. It also prevents furnishings and flooring materials from fading and boosts a home’s privacy and security.

2. Commercial Windows

solar window filmWindow films help make the indoor temperature of commercial spaces significantly more pleasant, as well. Tenants will appreciate the reprieve from the hot sun, in addition to the considerable decline in energy costs. Films are also designed to offer protection in the event of natural disasters or other accidents that would typically cause uncovered glass to shatter everywhere.

To get the most out of your solar window film investment, it’s best to purchase top-of-the-line products like 3M and from a Certified installer  and make sure they’re applied to smooth glass surfaces. Contact Sun Control Plus at (570) 451-1655, or visit them online to learn more.  

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