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How Can You Help Your Anxiety About Visiting the Dentist? August 15, 2017

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How Can You Help Your Anxiety About Visiting the Dentist?, Texarkana, Arkansas

Even though there’s no reason to be afraid of going to the dentist, plenty of people get anxious before an appointment. At the office of Neil W. Carmony, D.D.S., serving the Greater Texarkana, AR, area, they want everyone they treat to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you’re getting oral surgery or a simple teeth cleaning, they know you might be a little worried. That’s why they’re glad to offer advice for reducing your dental anxiety.

What You Can Do if You’re Afraid of the Dentist

Talk About It

DentistBe willing to share your concerns; there’s no need to be embarrassed. Most dental professionals have treated plenty of patients who have similar anxieties. If they know you’re concerned, they may be able to take additional steps to reduce your fears. Try to bring a friend or family member with you to your dental appointments, even if you’re just getting a teeth cleaning. They’ll listen if you need to talk about your fears or help take your mind off your worries.

Try Relaxation Techniques

During treatment, there are steps you can take to feel less anxious. Ask your dentist if you can listen to your own music while they work on your teeth. Depending on the nature of your treatment, this may be acceptable. You can also practice slow, deep, abdominal breathing; breathing deeply and slowly into your abdomen has a calming effect.

Signal Your Discomfort

If you feel comfortable admitting to your dentist that you get anxious during treatment, you can come up with a signal to let them know you need to stop for a moment to relax. Knowing you can stop treatment at any time makes it much easier to reduce your anxiety.

At the office of Neil W. Carmony, D.D.S., in Texarkana, they’re happy to work with patients who need a little extra help getting over their fears. Offering general and cosmetic dentistry services, they are known throughout Miller County for providing top-notch care. Contact them online to learn about scheduling an appointment, or call (870) 772-4106 today.

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