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Discover the Compelling History of Cosmetic Dentistry August 28, 2017

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Discover the Compelling History of Cosmetic Dentistry, Texarkana, Arkansas

The practice of cosmetic dentistry utilizes a broad range of techniques and treatment programs to improve the appearance of your teeth and mouth. It’s commonly used by many offices today, including Randall A. Ellis, DDS in Texarkana, AR, where patients go to get the smile of their dreams. Before you start a treatment program, you can better appreciate the modern technology available to you by understanding how the practice began.

The Origins of Cosmetic Dentistry

The earliest signs of cosmetic dentistry date back to approximately 700 B.C., when the wealthy Etruscans used animal or human teeth, either taken from live donors or corpses, to replace their lost teeth. This practice was inefficient because the replacements would rot and deteriorate quickly. They started using ivory or bone instead, which was more durable. A short 500 years later, they were using gold as well.

The ancient Egyptians hammered seashells into their gums to replace lost teeth. They also used a specialized whitening paste to remove stains, which contained pumice stone and vinegar. While attractive, this was an unhealthy practice as it wore down the outer enamel layer. On the other hand, early Romans began to use urine to scrub their teeth, since the ammonia in it acted as a whitening agent.

cosmetic dentistryIt wasn’t until the 1700s that significant advancements were made. Around this time, the first porcelain dentures were created, and dentists used plaster molds to comfortably tailor them to their patient’s mouths. By the 1800s porcelain models were becoming popular in the United States. Finally, in the 1990s, cosmetic dentistry became a common practice in family dentistry offices, and the associated technology continues to improve today.

The cosmetic dentistry team at Randall A. Ellis, DDS use only the most innovative technology to get you optimum results. Their many services are designed to keep your mouth attractive and healthy, from teeth whitening to dentures and teeth cleaning. Contact them at (870) 772-1374 to schedule your appointment.

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