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3 Misconceptions about Pre-Owned Apple Devices August 7, 2017

King of Prussia, Montgomery County
3 Misconceptions about Pre-Owned Apple Devices, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
  1. They aren’t reliable

Many people think Pre-Owned computers are not reliable. People know to check the obvious things like the keyboard and the display, but it’s hard to check everything. Luckily for the Greater Philadelphia area,  Experimac King of Prussia  puts each of our pre-owned devices through a certification process. This way we ensure that all of our products are in top shape for our customers.

  1. Pre-owned/ used computers are old

In today’s “newer is better” society, it is ingrained in our minds that used and pre-owned computers are old.  This is not the case. People sell us their computers for many different reasons. Some give us older computers when they are ready to upgrade. Just last week we had a customer sell us a 2017 MacBook because he realized that the specs were just too small for him. His computer is barely used, but it is still a pre- owned computer.

  1. They don’t have warranties

Another common misconception is that once you buy a pre-owned computer, the deal is done and there is no more protection. Fortunately, this is problem is also solved by purchasing the device at a credible retailer. Experimac King of Prussia offers a one year warranty on all of our pre-owned devices. This gives extra peace of mind to our customers, and erases the last piece of doubt about pre-owned devices.

About Experimac King of Prussia:

Experimac King of Prussia specializes in Buying, Selling, Trading, and Repairing Apple products. Servicing the Greater Philadelphia, our owner’s mission is to make Apple products available to everyone without breaking the ban. For this reason we offer a Financing option and a one year warranty for peace of mind. For more information visit our website, Experimac King of Prussia, or updates on weekly deals please follow our Twitter account and like us on Facebook.

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