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3 Safety Tips for Your Propane Tank August 15, 2017

West Plains, Howell
3 Safety Tips for Your Propane Tank, West Plains, Missouri

Propane gas is commonly used for everything from heating your home to grilling outside. However, this highly flammable substance can be dangerous if it’s not controlled correctly. Here are some useful propane tank safety tips for storage, transportation, and use to ensure your protection.

Safety Tips for Propane Tanks


If you have purchased a new tank from your propane company, make sure you always keep it in the upright position and secure the tank with something non-metallic, such as rope or plastic ties. Metal could potentially ignite a spark, which could spell disaster. If you need to have your tank refilled, take it to a certified filling station following the same guidelines. 


propane tankIf you are an avid griller, you already know the benefits of storing your tank outdoors. However, even if you only use your tank for heat or cooking inside, you should never leave it in an enclosed space like a basement or storage room. The outdoor area should be away from flames and heat, as well. It’s also a good idea to perform your own checks to ensure it’s working properly. For example, check your cylinder and line connections periodically and test for gas with detergent—never a match or lighter. If you find a problem, contact a propane technician right away. Attempting to fix the issue on your own can be extremely dangerous.


Make sure only to use gas appliances and grills that are approved for propane. Once you begin using your appliance, keep it out of the reach of children and turn it off immediately once you’re finished. If you are using propane for heat in your home, it’s a good idea to have a professional gas company inspect it annually for any malfunctions or leaks.


Are you interested in using propane in your home? Contact the professionals at West Plains Propane in Howell County, MO. Their highly trained technicians can help you find the best propane tank solutions for your needs. Give them call at (417) 256-3470, or visit their website for more information and available options.

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