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5 Signs It's Time to Get Garage Door Installation Services August 21, 2017

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5 Signs It's Time to Get Garage Door Installation Services, Rochester, New York

Your garage door is the largest entryway to your property and should never be neglected. If your existing door is old, outdated, or has severe structural damage, a garage door installation professional can replace it with a new one that is secure and matches the architecture of your home.

Here are five signs that it’s time to seek garage door installation services: 

  • Noisy, Uneven Movement: Unusual noise when opening and closing your garage door is a sure sign that it’s malfunctioning. If you find that one end of the door hangs lower than the other or it gets stuck when trying to operate it, call a repair professional for help.

  • garage door installationDiscoloration: Over time, the elements will wear away the outer surface of your garage door. It may also accumulate dirt, grime, mold, and other debris that can make it discolored and unsightly. This can undermine the curb appeal of an otherwise beautiful home. If washing the door with soap and water doesn’t suffice, contact a garage door installation professional for a replacement.

  • Malfunctioning Lock: Malfunctioning doors create a potential security risk to your property and its occupants. If the lock is beyond repair, it may be best to remedy the problem with a total replacement of the door.

  • Physical Damage: Minor cosmetic damage to your garage door should not be cause for alarm. However, if the door has a severe dent or puncture, it may not work as it should and could also create an opening for pests to settle in your garage. Before problems escalate, call a professional to install a new door.

  • Spike in Energy Bill: A home achieves maximum insulation when all its openings are tightly sealed. If your energy bill has skyrocketed, check to see that your garage door isn’t the culprit. If it is, consult a garage door installation expert for advice.


In need of someone to install a garage door for your home? Tracey Door Co, a decades-old, family-owned garage repair company in Rochester, NY, can help. For garage door repair or replacement, call them at (585) 426-6060 for a quote or to schedule an appointment. You may also learn more about their services by visiting their website.

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