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A Painting Contractor on How Painting the Ceiling Will Transform Your Home August 12, 2017

Montclair, Essex County
A Painting Contractor on How Painting the Ceiling Will Transform Your Home, Montclair, New Jersey

There are certain changes you can make in a room that will change the whole look and feel of the space. Surprisingly, this includes having a skilled painting contractor repaint your ceiling. Based in Montclair, NJ, Hoffman Interior Painting has earned a reputation as the region’s top professional painter. They say this is one surface homeowners don’t think to repaint often, but it has a big impact when they do.

Here are three ways a painting contractor can improve the look of your interior by painting the ceiling: 

  • Color Matching: A classic option for a great-looking ceiling is to choose a color that matches the dominant tone in the room. In particular, employing a variation can really bring a room together into a cohesive unit. Allowing the viewer’s eye to make the subtle connection between tones often results in as aesthetically pleasing effect. 
  • painting contractorContrasting Tones: Contrasting tones, on the other hand, offer a more daring approach. By highlighting a difference in colors, they bring a room alive, making the eye more aware of both shades. In many cases, a contrast allows the viewer to appreciate both colors more as a result. 
  • Going White: Sometimes, if a room is feeling a little cramped, a white ceiling is a smart and cost-effective solution. With their light tones, white walls tend to open a space up, making it feel more accessible and bigger. As a result, your ceiling will seem like it’s higher than it is, creating a more pleasant experience for anyone in the room. 

If you’re looking to upgrade the value and aesthetic of your home, consider working with a skilled painting contractor from Hoffman Interior Painting. You can speak to a friendly team member by calling (973) 783-0127. Learn more about the company by visiting their website

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