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What is the Purpose of a Stone Slinger? August 11, 2017

Victor, Ontario
What is the Purpose of a Stone Slinger?, Victor, New York

Are you in the process of renovating an outdoor space? If so, several tools can make the process simpler. Syracusa Sand & Gravel in Victor, NY, uses a piece of equipment called a stone slinger to do outdoor work efficiently and effectively.

If you’re considering having work done and aren’t sure where to turn, read on to find out how the stone slinger works, and how it can benefit you:

What is a Stone Slinger?

Stone slingers are some of the latest technological developments in the construction field. The high-tech piece of machinery is most often used for where a high level of accuracy is necessary, such as in creating recreation centers, golf courses, and ball parks. The machine looks like a large truck with a trough on the back and uses a live bottom system that controls a conveyor belt.

How Does a Stone Slinger Work?

stone slingerA stone slinger is capable of placing heavy material, typically earth, gravel, or stone, where you want it. It’s praised for its accuracy and uses its conveyor belt to transport material off the back of the truck directly to its desired location. This machine is preferred by contractors as it requires fewer laborers to transfer material because the stone slinger moves material itself. This cuts down on project times and keeps costs low. With a universal drive, live bottom system, and conveyor belt, it was designed to handle rough construction work and heavy materials.

Ready to start working on your outdoor project?  Contact Syracusa Sand & Gravel. With an expert team of professionals leading your project, and a variety of construction equipment available, they’ll make sure your renovation is done quickly and correctly. For more information, visit their website or call (585) 310-2693.

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