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What Could Be Causing My Neck Pain? August 11, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
What Could Be Causing My Neck Pain?, Manhattan, New York

If you are currently suffering from neck pain, it’s likely affecting all aspects of your life. Because this kind of pain can restrict your head’s range of motion, you may not even be able to perform simple tasks like driving. In order to get relief, you will need to determine the underlying cause of the pain because the most effective treatment will ultimately depend on your diagnosis. Below, the chiropractic orthopedist,  Joseph K. Askinasi, DC, DABCO of New York will explain some of the most common reasons for neck pain.

3 Common Causes of Neck Pain

1. Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from sleep apnea, it could be the cause of your neck pain. Sleep apnea makes it hard for people to sleep on their back, so they try sleeping on their side or stomach to stay comfortable. Without the proper pillows, though, changing your sleep position could strain your neck and cause a pinched nerve.

2. Nerve Compressionneck pain

Bone spurs and herniated discs can put pressure on your nerves, resulting in neck and back pain. Bone spurs often develop in people with osteoarthritis who have joint damage, and herniated discs usually occur as the result of gradual wear and tear in the spinal discs. Herniated discs can also develop following a traumatic injury.  

3. Whiplash

Neck injuries like whiplash, an extension sprain,  can cause acute or chronic neck pain, depending on the severity. The most effective way to reduce the risk of chronic pain following a traumatic event is to seek treatment as soon as possible. In addition to chronic pain, untreated neck injuries can also cause conditions like tinnitus and vertigo.

If you suffer from neck pain and you want relief, turn to Joseph K. Askinasi, DC, DABCO for diagnosis and treatment. Call (212) 557-5822 to make an appointment in New York City, or call (914) 481-4692 for their Rye location. You can also visit their website for more information regarding their treatment plans.

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