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FAQs: Does Home Care Assistance Include Physical Therapy? August 11, 2017

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FAQs: Does Home Care Assistance Include Physical Therapy?, Hebron, Connecticut

If you or a loved one has recently sustained an injury, undergone surgery, or experienced any other type of condition requiring physical therapy, you may have questions about rehabilitation options. Many people turn to home care assistance to receive high-quality physical therapy treatments in the comfort of their own homes. Consider the following answers to these frequently asked questions about in-home physical therapy to determine if it’s right for your needs.

4 FAQs About Physical Therapy & Home Care Assistance

What Is Physical Therapy Used For?

Physical therapy is used to help people regain functionality after a broad range of circumstances. From strokes to falls and major surgeries, physical therapists can help patients restore their independence after trauma. They assist with activities such as standing, walking, and other fundamental movements. Professionals create a tailored plan for each patient to ensure functionality is restored without further injuring sensitive muscles or joints.

Why Should I Seek In-Home Physical Therapy?

home care assistance Hebron CTIn-home physical therapy provided by a qualified home care assistance professional is convenient for individuals who cannot or do not wish to drive. Receiving treatment at home also establishes a sense of privacy as you take on strenuous scenarios to regain your strength. Plus, you can save time by skipping the ride to and from a physical therapist’s office and get some much-needed rest immediately after each session.

What Other Types of Therapy Are Available?

While physical therapy helps individuals regain strength and mobility, occupational therapy allows patients to relearn everyday activities—such as bathing, dressing, and eating. Speech and language therapy, as the name suggests, helps patients who have suffered strokes or similar medical conditions rebuild their speaking abilities.

How Can I Find Qualified In-Home Health Care?

If you’re considering in-home physical therapy to help you or a loved one regain mobility or self-sufficiency, seek out home health care professionals who are state-licensed and certified. That way, you can ensure they’ve received the necessary training to provide the best possible quality of care.


For families near Hebron, CT, Staff Mates Homecare is the leading source for outstanding home care assistance. For more than 36 years, this home health care agency has put its clients’ needs first and employed licensed, certified caregivers. To learn more about their in-home services, call (860) 228-4321 or visit Staff Mates Homecare online. You can also like them on Facebook for the latest news and updates.    

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