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Local Eye Doctor Suggests Ways to Prevent Computer Eye Strain August 11, 2017

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Local Eye Doctor Suggests Ways to Prevent Computer Eye Strain, Greensboro, North Carolina

Long hours spent in front of the computer screen can be detrimental to your vision health and result in eye strain. With help from the staff at Digby Eye Associates, you can learn how to prevent your eyes from getting strained during screen time. Since 1984, eye doctor, Don Digby, MD, has provided comprehensive eye exams to the residents of High Point and Greensboro, NC.

He shares a few useful tips to avoid vision issues when working on a computer: 

Blink Frequently 

Research shows people blink less often when sitting in front of a computer screen, which is one reason behind their eyes getting strained. Blinking is essential to give your eyes some much-needed exercise, and it prevents them from drying out. This promotes natural tear production, which is crucial to avoid eye irritation and dryness.

Lubricate Eyes

Eye DoctorFor those with chronic dry eye issues, using lubricating drops can help produce artificial moisture. Consult an eye doctor to get a prescription for these specialized drops, and use them per the given direction. They will conduct a comprehensive eye exam to keep a tab on your vision health and recommend ways to lower vision strain.

Adjust Screen Settings

Making adjustments to your screen’s position and brightness setting can also help you avoid putting too much stress on your eyes. Using a larger text size also spares you from squinting when reading online articles or documents. Putting on a screen filter also minimizes the glare and makes the bright monitor screen easy on your eyes.

Take Breaks

A majority of the vision strain from using computers is a direct result of staring at the screen without giving your eyes a much-needed break. Simply turning away from the screen for a few minutes is one way to give your eyes a rest. Ophthalmologists also recommend using the 20-20-20 rule, which warrants taking a break every 20 minutes to focus your gaze on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

For further assistance regarding computer-related eye strains, get in touch with the experienced eye doctor at Digby Eye Associates. Set up an eye exam appointment by calling (336) 230-1010, and visit the website to learn more about the services their trusted ophthalmologist offers.

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