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3 Factors to Think About While Pre-Planning Your Funeral August 10, 2017

Flatlands, Brooklyn
3 Factors to Think About While Pre-Planning Your Funeral, Brooklyn, New York

Nobody wants to think about their own funeral, but pre-planning can help your loved ones when you pass away. After all, you may have certain wishes you would like to be carried out during your funeral and memorial service. To ensure you are honored the way you prefer, the professionals at Tri State Direct Cremation in Brooklyn, NY, offer a quick list of what you should plan.

What You Should Pre-Plan for Your Funeral

1. What to Do With Your Body

funeralIf you have specific wishes regarding what is done with your body, make them known. Is there somewhere specific you would like to be buried or have your ashes scattered? Would you like to donate your body to science? No matter where you would like your final resting place to be, let your family and friends know so they can honor your wishes accordingly.

2. Where the Money Is Coming From

Every cost from the coffin down to the funeral home needs to be accounted for so your family isn’t burdened with the entire bill. Consider setting aside some money to pay for these things yourself. Check with your local funeral home about their payment plans as well.

3. Personal Touches You Want

Once you’ve established the basics and how they will be paid for, think about how you would like to be remembered. Perhaps you have a favorite artist or song you would like playing in the background or want a certain religious ceremony conducted. These details can help your loved ones plan a funeral that perfectly suits your life.

If you have more questions about pre-planning a funeral, reach out to the compassionate professionals at Tri State Direct Cremation by calling (347) 470-1515. They’ll walk you through the process and explain more about cremation if you are interested. Visit them online for more information regarding their services.

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