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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine August 11, 2017

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4 Surprising Health Benefits of Red Wine, Oxford, Connecticut

A glass of red wine is the solution to a stressful day, the perfect way to celebrate a birthday or promotion, and according to science, a benefit to your health. As it turns out, your love of wine is an indulgence you don’t have to feel guilty about! From your heart down to your waistline, a glass from your favorite Italian restaurant can have a few surprising effects on your body. Go ahead and order another round while you consider these five reasons to enjoy red wine.

4 Health Benefits of Red Wine

1. Prevent Heart Disease

Red wine is full of antioxidants called polyphenols. These tiny crime fighters help blood vessels stay flexible and keep blood from clotting when it’s not supposed to. As a bonus, the high-in-fiber grapes used to make many kinds of red wine reduce bad cholesterol levels, which make it harder for the heart to pump blood.

2. Cure the Common Cold

wineThose antioxidants also get credit for preventing minor—yet extremely inconvenient—illnesses like the common cold. They fight off infection before an illness has the chance to really ruin your day. Antioxidants serve as a protective army to keep cells safe from foreign intruders.

3. Stop Cancer

While there’s still a lot science doesn’t know about cancer, researchers have determined that resveratrol—compounds that protect the body against damage—absorbed by drinking wine can help stave off cancer. These components block the key action that feeds many kinds of cancer cells.

4. Trim Your Waist

Along with fighting cancer, the chemical compound converted from resveratrol also does a number on fat cells. Understanding exactly how it works would require a lesson from a scientist, but simply put, it stops immature fat cells from expanding. The result is a slimmer waist and healthier body.

Like all good things in life, wine is best in moderation. Overindulging could negate these positive health effects, but three to four glasses a week is a good goal to stick to.


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