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3 Tips for Managing Grieving Employees After the Funeral Services August 9, 2017

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3 Tips for Managing Grieving Employees After the Funeral Services, Greece, New York

Coping with death is difficult, not only for the family and friends of the departed, but for those who are in close proximity to those who are grieving. Managers who have an employee dealing with the passing of a loved one are given the responsibility to be respectful and gentle with their subordinates after the funeral services or memorial service has passed.

When grief counseling is not readily available, managers must be knowledgeable about the best ways to support their employee through this tough time without overstepping any boundaries. If you’re a manager with an employee who has just attended funeral services for a family member or friend, here are a few helpful tips to help you navigate the situation:

Offer Outside Resources

As a manager, it is your job to recommend any grief or counseling services that are available through the company that your employee may not know about. If your company does not offer any outside resources, it may be beneficial to have a short seminar to present to your team detailing ways to cope with death. Keeping an open line of communication is also a great way for other employees to share resources that they have used in the past and found helpful. 

Be Realistic 

funeral servicesMourning the passing of a loved one is a long process, and certainly not one that ends with the closure of the funeral services. Most managers know that it is best to offer their employee some time off to be with their family and friends and to mourn in the way that they need to before they return to work.

When they do return to the office, managers should keep in mind that it may be a few months before the employee is able to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed, so be ready to be flexible with the amount of work they are able to produce. 

Keep an Eye on Other Employees

While you may be trained as a manager to help grieving subordinates, other employees may not have the same level of sensitivity. Managers should make a point to ensure that all other employees are equipped with the knowledge as to how they can best interact with the grieving employee on a day to day basis. 


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