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Why BBB® Pawn Shops Should Be Patronized Over Non-Accredited Businesses August 9, 2017

Kalihi - Palama, Honolulu
Why BBB® Pawn Shops Should Be Patronized Over Non-Accredited Businesses, Honolulu, Hawaii

When it comes to selling your belongings for fast cash, there is no better way to do so than by going to a BBB® pawn shop. Not all pawn shops are created equal—ones that have been accredited by the Better Business Bureau are more reliable, easier to work with, and can be trusted to give you the best, fair deals. 

Your Guide to Buying & Selling With a BBB® Pawn Shop

What Is a BBB Pawn Shop?

Put simply, a BBB pawn shop is a pawn shop that has been monitored and vouched for by the Better Business Bureau. This prestigious acknowledgment is an excellent indication to buyers and sellers alike that the establishment runs on strong values and can be trusted to offer fair prices. The rating is based on a comprehensive, 13-point scale, including factors like the business’ complaint history, time in business, transparency in business practices, licensing, and ability to honor commitments. Look for an A+ rating when searching for a pawn shop to patronize. 

Why Should I Exclusively Work With BBB Pawn Shops?

BBB pawn shopWorking with a business that is recognized for its good nature will guarantee a rewarding experience, no matter if you’re planning to buy or sell. Working with a BBB pawn shop means their operations are extremely transparent, so customers are aware of the guidelines at all times, can easily obtain answers to their questions, and can trust the professionals running the business hold themselves to a high standard of honesty and decency. 


If you’re a local in Honolulu, HI, looking to buy or sell valuable items like gold, diamonds, watches, and jewelry, visit A Happy Pawn. With an A+ rating, this BBB® pawn shop operates under strong business ethics. For more information, visit them online or give them a call at (808) 383-5253.

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