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The Benefits of Incognito Braces August 21, 2017

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The Benefits of Incognito Braces, Anchorage, Alaska

If your teeth are crooked but traditional orthodontic techniques don’t appeal to you, incognito braces are an ideal option. From their hidden placement to their fully customizable design, these braces have a wide range of strengths on top of the benefits of traditional methods..

How They Work

Incognito braces, also called lingual or hidden braces, rely on wires and brackets to slowly shift your teeth into better alignment. But unlike traditional braces, they are placed on the back sides of the teeth. This keeps them out of sight without sacrificing any of their function.

Staying incognitoStealthy

The primary benefit of hidden braces is that they are difficult to spot. Many people worry about having dental appliances visible on their teeth and avoid orthodontic treatment for this reason. But these braces are invisible under normal circumstances, making them an ideal option for anyone self-conscious about the process.

Comfortable Design

Because they’re in frequent contact with your tongue, incognito braces are designed to be much smoother than other options to prevent irritation. They’re also highly versatile and will be individually fitted to your teeth for maximum comfort.

Underlying Benefits

Teeth straightening is good for your mouth, no matter what method you use. Crooked teeth are more difficult to clean and therefore more susceptible to cavities. Once your teeth are straightened, they’re also at a reduced risk for unusual wear and gum disease—and of course, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a more beautiful smile.


If you’re living with crooked teeth or wide gaps, the professionals at Family First Dentistry in Anchorage, AK, can help you achieve confidence with a better smile. Whether you’re looking for incognito braces or more traditional methods, they offer a range of options that work best for your lifestyle. To find out whether incognito braces are right for you, make an appointment today by calling (907) 562-2820 or by visiting their website.

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