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3 Ways to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Consider a Rehabilitation Program August 10, 2017

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3 Ways to Encourage a Senior Loved One to Consider a Rehabilitation Program, West Hartford, Connecticut

In older age, our bodies become more vulnerable to stress and trauma, whether it’s caused by injury, health conditions, or a surgical procedure. But as Hughes Health & Rehabilitation discovers on a daily basis while helping clients, the human body is also incredibly responsive to physical therapy. If you have a parent or loved one who could benefit from a senior rehab program, this rehabilitation center in the Hartford, CT, area offers a few tips to help encourage them along the way.

When a doctor recommends senior rehabilitation for your loved one — or you believe it could help improve their health — some ways to make the process more inviting include:

  • Addressing the Specifics: Sometimes, visiting a physical therapist on a regular basis may not seem feasible to an older individual. As such, it can help to show how you’ll support them — such as by taking them to appointments or arranging for rides. If finances are a concern, investigate and explain how Medicare may be able to assist with the costs. In the event that your loved one will require inpatient care, you may want to tour the nursing home facility and explain how their staff will make the experience as comfortable as possible.
  • rehabilitationDiscussing Risks: While it may not always seem necessary, rehabilitation is critical in preventing future injuries, restoring mobility, and increasing the success of a surgery. Explain to your loved one that their long-term health and wellness matters to you, and how skipping physical and occupational therapy can negatively impact their quality of life.
  • Embracing Emotional Understanding: It’s important to recognize that while a senior may want to recover, there may be emotional or mental health issues that are making them reluctant to rehabilitation. For example, an injury or surgical procedure can lead many to face their own mortality, a circumstance that can lead to stress and depression. By starting a dialogue with your loved one, you can learn about their concerns and discuss possible solutions. And if necessary, you can support them as they find other ways to care for their mental health, such as by seeing a therapist, attending a support group, or by talking to a doctor about medications.

Another way to make a rehabilitation program seem more appealing is to find a professional team that offers exceptional resources, an experienced staff, and a history of success. Offering all these qualities and more, Hughes Health & Rehabilitation is a leading choice for post-acute care, physical therapy, and rehabilitation in West Hartford, CT. Learn more about their comprehensive services online, and call to schedule a consultation with a care provider at (860) 236-5623.

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