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Management Training Experts Explain Why Self-Driving Employees Still Need Leaders August 16, 2017

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Management Training Experts Explain Why Self-Driving Employees Still Need Leaders , Irvine-Lake Forest, California

Autonomous workplaces have many benefits. Self-driven employees are given a set of instructions and are then put on a path to use their problem-solving skills, creativity, and subject knowledge to fulfill their goals. So, do workplaces such as these still need leadership, even though employees are set on their own road toward success? The management training experts at Crestcom SoCal in Southern California weigh in.

First, it’s important to understand what a self-driven worker is like. Employees in autonomous working environments need to have a few critical qualities to find success. They must be motivated, confident, and creative, with the ability to take directions and work independently to achieve results. Self-driven people tend to feel more valued in their jobs, as well as more connected to their work. Because of this, they understand how their piece fits into the company as a whole, and they will then work to ensure their tasks are completed successfully. Self-driven employees are often open to feedback to help them improve and tend to avoid distractions for more focused and productive outcomes.  

So, do self-drivers need a leader if they are successfully working autonomously? The answer is yes. Having an accessible manager helps keep these teams on the right track, especially when problems arise. No matter how efficient their process is, detours, mistakes, or issues can and will happen. The leader is necessary to step in and reset everyone on their path. The leader’s support fosters a positive working environment that keeps employees motivated and confident to continue in their jobs.

management trainingLeaders in autonomous workplaces also provide much needed human contact. Periodic discussions guarantee that goals are being met and the process is on point. Managers and leaders can also offer feedback along the way, as well as training to sharpen their employees’ skills and continue the learning process. Even though self-drivers will work independently and do not need constant interference from management, human leaders provide a support system that is critical for success.

Crestcom SoCal offers management training and leadership development courses for companies seeking to boost their supervision skills. Serving Southern California, this company has more than 25 years of experience assisting professionals with educational opportunities to improve their businesses. To learn more about their interactive management training programs and hands-on courses, visit them online, and call (619) 204-9130 to schedule an appointment today.

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