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What Happens During a Septic Tank Inspection? August 14, 2017

Archdale, Randolph
What Happens During a Septic Tank Inspection?, Archdale, North Carolina

If you’re a property owner, arranging for a septic tank inspection will be necessary at some point. Proper sewage system maintenance allows the septic tank to function efficiently and prevents any issues from arising. It is also critical that you keep an eye out for symptoms of failure, including slow draining, toilet flush malfunction, and foul odors coming from the drains. If you encounter any of these issues, call a septic tank inspection specialist immediately.

To prepare you for the inspection, here are some insights on what you will expect from the process:

  • Visual Inspection: This is the most common type of inspection and is done more often than full inspections. The licensed professional will start by turning on the water and flushing all the toilets to test your pumping and piping system. In some cases, the inspector will check if your tank has an access lid. If it does, it will be checked for any issues.

  • septic tank inspectionFull Inspection: This type of inspection includes a visual inspection plus a full tank pumping. The inspector will go through your entire system thoroughly and check the liquid levels of the tank. Your tank will be checked for leaks, tank content level condition, drainage line functions, and its overall capacity to function efficiently. Moreover, they will check for any backflow and pump the tank if the liquid levels are too high.

  • Sludge Test: This process involves a long plastic pole inserted into the septic tank to measure the amount of sludge buildup. If the technician finds that the tank is holding a large mass of sludge, the tank will be pumped.


For septic concerns, Queen’s Septic Tank Service in High Point, NC, will provide septic tank inspections, maintenance work, installation, repair, and replacement. Their team of specialists are known for their attention to detail and can be deployed even during after-hours for emergencies. Call (336) 434-1260, or visit their website for more information.

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