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Expert HVAC Contractor Explains How Air Conditioning Works August 11, 2017

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Expert HVAC Contractor Explains How Air Conditioning Works, Bolivar, Missouri

Without air conditioning, managing the blistering summer heat would be much more difficult. But how does this marvelous invention work? To help you understand this complex device, an expert HVAC contractor from April’s Country Air Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, shares a quick guide to the fundamentals of air conditioning.

How Your Air Conditioning Works


The evaporator dries refrigerant. Fans blow air across the coils, where the refrigerant absorbs the warm temperatures from the air. This causes the refrigerant’s temperature to rise, while the air itself cools. In addition, the refrigerant’s warmer temperature means it evaporates to a gas form.


hvac contractorThe vapor gas form of refrigerant moves to the compressor, which is the portion of the unit outside your home. At this point, the unit compresses the vapor with high temperature and pressure, forming a gas that is both hot and pressurized.


Next, the compressed gas moves to the condenser, which is also part of the unit that’s located outside. Here, a fan helps push some of the heat away from the hot air, allowing the temperature of the air to cool slightly and form a liquid refrigerant once again.

Expansion Device

The liquid then moves back into an interior portion of the unit, known as the expansion device. This part regulates the flow of air and pushes the liquid refrigerant back to the evaporator, where the cycle begins again.


Air conditioners have a function outside of cooling the air. If this were all it did, your home would be humid and incredibly uncomfortable, as the sweat on your skin would have trouble drying. As any reliable HVAC contractor knows, air conditioners also dehumidify your home. To do this, the coils in the evaporator absorb heat and moisture, allowing the air conditioner to regulate the dryness of the air.

Whether you need a new AC installation or repair, it helps to know how your air conditioner does its job. And every HVAC contractor at April's Country Air Heating & Cooling is happy to educate you further on this process, as well as provide professional installation and maintenance. If you have any questions, feel free to give them a call at (417) 326-2771, and check out their services online.

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