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A Guide to Dental Implants: How They Work & Benefits You'll Enjoy August 31, 2017

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A Guide to Dental Implants: How They Work & Benefits You'll Enjoy, Elyria, Ohio

If you lost a tooth — or a few — you don’t have to live with gaps that make it hard to chew and mar your smile. Dental implants are an excellent restorative dentistry solution. Leidernheimer Dental Group in Elyria, OH, offers this method of permanent tooth replacement among their array of services and explains how they work and advantages you’ll enjoy.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants Elyria OHA dental implant is a replacement tooth that is permanently affixed to your jaw. Unlike dentures and bridges, the implant replaces the entire tooth, from root to crown. It begins with a procedure that installs a titanium screw into your jaw. Over 2–6 months, your jawbone will heal around the screw, bonding to it as it would a tooth root. Your dentist then will cap the screw with a ceramic dental crown. The replacement will look and function like a real tooth and match your dental enamel.

What Are Their Benefits?

Dental implants have several unique benefits compared to other restorative procedures. They function like teeth, so you can eat and speak normally as well as brush and floss them. Unlike dentures and bridges, which you must take out to clean or sleep, you don’t remove a dental implant. You even might forget it’s not natural.

In addition to convenience and aesthetics, dental implants provide health benefits. Because the screw functions as a tooth root, you avoid the bone deterioration and sunken jaw that often accompany missing teeth. The implant will help you maintain proper jaw structure as well as a beautiful smile.

If you’re interested in getting dental implants, contact Leidenheimer Dental Group in Elyria, OH. They have private, comfortable dental suites and 50 years of service to patients to ensure a positive experience. Visit them online for information about their services, including teeth whitening, and call (440) 324-3441 to schedule an appointment. Like them on Facebook for additional advice and insight from their dentists.

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