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3 Primary Differences Between Wet & Dry Lawn Fertilization Methods August 11, 2017

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3 Primary Differences Between Wet & Dry Lawn Fertilization Methods, Missouri, Missouri

Yard care and maintenance typically require regular mowing, lawn fertilization, and weed control. When it comes to fertilizers, you can opt for wet or dry forms, and each has pros and cons. To help you choose between them, consider how they stack up in a few key areas.

Lawn Fertilization: How Wet & Dry Methods Compare


Lawn fertilization Columbia MOA wet fertilizer can spread out evenly to all areas of your lawn. Because it’s liquid, the plants and soil absorb it more efficiently. Dry fertilizer has granules that tend to stay in the same area where they were dropped and won’t spread or melt into the ground unless water facilitates the process. Excessive buildup of dry fertilizer could create brown patches and dead spots in the grass.


With the dry method of lawn fertilization, you have to distribute about 60 pounds of granules in a push-spreader. For liquid application, you can spray a premixed solution of fertilizer and pesticide in one pass, saving time and effort. Although dry fertilizers can provide faster results, they're harder to apply because you must make two trips over your lawn and sweep granules off paved surfaces.


The upfront cost for wet lawn fertilization can be a significant drawback for homeowners. You need to invest in the right tools to administer it or hire a lawn care contractor. Enhanced spray tanks used for liquid fertilizers can cost several thousand dollars. Dry fertilizers are more cost-effective to apply, especially if you buy the substance in bulk. For do-it-yourself application, you need only a spreader that costs a couple hundred dollars.


Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation in Columbia, MO, can explain your options for lawn fertilization and other yard maintenance tasks. They specialize in landscaping services like irrigation system installation, tree and shrub pruning, mowing, and mulch delivery. Call (573) 446-0858 to request a quote for service and visit their website to learn more about the lawn care company. Like them on Facebook for additional tips from their landscaping experts.

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