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Hamden Dance Studio Shares 3 Tips to Quickly Master Choreography August 11, 2017

Hamden, New Haven County
Hamden Dance Studio Shares 3 Tips to Quickly Master Choreography, Hamden, Connecticut

Although an extended period is ideal for rehearsal, you may need to learn choreography quickly for a wedding, recital, or another event. Luckily, the professionals at Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Hamden, CT, have a few tips to help you master routines under tight deadlines. The local dance studio is known throughout the area for its ballroom dance lessons catered to both adults and kids. 

Below, their seasoned instructors share a few tips for speeding up the learning process:

  • Understand the Routine Before Attempting It: Right after the instructor introduces a new dance, you may be tempted to jump in. Sometimes, this doesn’t give your brain enough time to retain what it’s learned, leading to frustrating mistakes on the floor. Instead, watch the teacher a few times before attempting the choreography. This allows you to make mental notes about foot positions, rhythm and timing, and more aspects of the routine.   
  • dance studioTake Things Slow: The first few times you try the choreography, follow the instructor’s movements in slow motion. This kick-starts muscle memory, allowing you to feel more comfortable and confident with the moves when you pick up the pace. 
  • Break Choreography Into Pieces: Learning choreography is much more manageable when the dance is divided into sections. This way, you’ll master one group of steps before moving on to the next. When you finally perform from start to finish, there’ll be fewer mistakes. 

Whether you want to prepare for your big day or instill a love of dance in little ones, you can trust the professionals at Arthur Murray Dance Studio to help. To learn more about classes for adults and kids in Hamden, call (203) 288-2482 today, or visit the dance studio online for a complete list of offerings. Also, like them on Facebook for updates. 

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