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5 Tips for Keeping Your Running Shoes in Great Condition August 7, 2017

Washington, Montgomery
5 Tips for Keeping Your Running Shoes in Great Condition, Washington, Ohio

Investing in a pair of high-quality running shoes can help you feel more comfortable while running & walking, in addition to lessening the strain exercising has on your body. It is also important to care for them properly. As Up and Running In Dayton explains, there are a few easy ways to minimize the wear and tear you put on your footwear.

If you want to get the most out of your running shoes, try following these five tips from Ohio’s fitness experts: 

  • Alternate Shoes: Avoid wearing your running shoes every day. If you own more than one pair, alternating between them will reduce their use and extend their life span.
  • running-shoesKeep Them for Running: Many people like wearing their running shoes casually because they’re so comfortable, but doing so will quickly wear them down. If you’ve spent a bundle on high-quality footwear, wearing it strictly while you run will help them last.
  • Put Them on Properly: The way you put your shoes on is important, which is why you should never just stuff your foot into them; doing so will wear out the ankle support and stretch out the laces and tongue. When putting your shoes on, loosen them and slide your foot in before tightening the laces. 
  • Keep Them Clean: Shoes pick up a lot of dirt and grime while you run, so cleaning them is important. Dirt and other gunk from outdoors can quickly eat away at the material, so wipe them down after you run.  if your shoes become wet you can stuff them with newspaper so they keep their original shape.  Also never put your shoes in the washing machine!
  • Know When You Need New Ones: Wearing worn out running shoes can quickly lead to health problems, such as shin splints and leg pain, so knowing when to replace them is key. On average, Up and Running In Dayton recommends switching your shoes out for a new pair every 300 to 400 miles or no longer than six months. 

A good pair of running shoes can make exercise more enjoyable, so make the effort to care for them. To learn more, contact the professionals from Up and Running In Dayton today at (937) 432-9210. You can also visit them online for information about their running groups, shoe fitting process, and other fitness programs. 

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