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Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Company August 18, 2017

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Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Company, Greece, New York

You rely on your garage door to get in and out of your home, and you need to trust that it operates safely for your family’s use. Therefore, you need to hire only the best garage door company to work on your door. To ensure this is a company you can rely on, it’s best to ask them a few questions before hiring them. The contractors at Automatic Garage Door Repair Service in Monroe County, NY, have shared some insightful questions they recommend asking.

If you ask a garage door company these few questions, it will help you get to know them in a short yet revealing conversation, so you feel comfortable with them in your home: 

  • garage door companyQualifications: What are their qualifications? The first thing you’ll need to know is whether the person they send to your house will be qualified to work on your door. Ask about any certifications they have or organizations they are a part of. They should also tell you about how many years of experience they have working in the field.
  • Service Area: Is your home in their typical service area? Each contractor has an area they are willing to travel to free of charge. They may refuse to work outside of the area or charge a mileage fee to travel outside of the area. If you can find a company near you, it will be a more cost-effective solution.
  • Pricing: What will they charge to service your door? A high-quality garage door contractor should tell you what to expect, so there aren’t any surprises when your bill comes later. Each contractor works differently, as some charge hourly while others charge by the job. If they don’t know what’s required to fix your door, you may be able to request an estimated range for what the job could cost.

If you have a broken garage door or would like to have an opener installed, Automatic Garage Door Repair Service can help. They have 45 years of experience and are a licensed and fully insured garage door company. Call (585) 663-1180 to request your free estimate, or visit them online; they’ll get you a safe, convenient, and reliable door. 

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