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When Should Teens Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? Anchorage Dental Team Explains August 26, 2017

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When Should Teens Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed? Anchorage Dental Team Explains, Anchorage, Alaska

An impacted wisdom tooth can be troublesome for both adults and teens. Although you might be dreading the thought of undergoing surgery, it's best to plan ahead instead of putting it off. It’s best to find a credible clinic that specializes in sedation dentistry and schedule a session as soon as possible. The question is, when should you have them removed?

For teens, the best time to have this procedure performed is during the summer break before school begins. Here’s why:

  • Pain & Discomfort: When you have your wisdom teeth removed, there will be discomfort for several days. Swelling and bruising in your cheeks can make it hard for you to focus on classes, and you might feel overly conscious about your appearance. The painkillers you take may also cause some side effects like nausea and drowsiness, which can affect your performance in the classroom.

  • Inability to Use Your Mouth: Expect to have a hard time chewing and drinking after wisdom teeth removal. There is no escaping this, and you will need enough time to eat slowly and choose soft foods like noodles, soup, and the like. This would be hard to do if you were in school with a limited lunch hour and menu. You will also have difficulty talking, which will make it hard for you to communicate with your teachers and classmates.

  • sedation dentistryRecovery Time: The road to recovery after having your wisdom teeth removed can take several days. It’s better to recover in the comfort of your home instead of pushing yourself to attend classes. If you schedule a sedation dentistry procedure like wisdom teeth removal during school break, you won’t have to worry about missing any classes.


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