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Why You Should Call a Tree Service to Remove Ivy December 7, 2017

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Why You Should Call a Tree Service to Remove Ivy, Wood River, Illinois


Ivy snaking up the side of a building or trellis might give your home an old-world, sophisticated charm, but those same vines can pose a serious health risk to your trees. While a few tendrils of ivy on a tree trunk may look nice, you should call a tree service to trim back or remove the parasitic plant if the vines start reaching up into the canopy.

Why Ivy Should Be Removed

Many vine species, especially English ivy, grow extremely fast, which puts a lot of stress on the soil. As they grow, they drain nutrients and water from the soil, leaving your tree underfertilized and dehydrated. Over time, the lack of nutrients will weaken your tree, leaving it vulnerable to disease, insects, and other invasive plants.

tree serviceIn extreme cases, ivy vines can block the sunlight your tree needs to synthesize food, essentially starving it to death. In its weakened state, the tree eventually won’t be able to support the weight of the vines, making it more likely to fall during a serious storm.

How to Remove Ivy From Your Trees

Ivy is a famously tenacious plant, so completely removing it can be difficult, especially if the plant has taken over the tree. Start by moistening the soil, and then cut the stems as close to the root as you can. Start digging up the root with a trowel, getting as deep as you can. It’s important to get as much as possible; otherwise. the vines will just start growing again. For best results, call in a professional tree service who will know how to remove parasitic plants without harming your tree.

The experts at Allan Tree Services in Edwardsville, IL, have over 20 years’ experience keeping trees healthy and strong. If your trees are being overtaken with ivy, visit their website to see how they can help; follow their Facebook page for news, tips, and updates; or call (618) 254-1245 for a free consultation today. Allan Tree Services serves the Edwardsville, IL, Alton, IL, Godfrey, IL, Glen Carbon, IL, Granite City, IL, Collinsville, IL, St. Louis, MO, and St. Charles, MO areas.

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