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Metropolitan Truck Sales Shares Why It’s Better to Buy New Than Used August 11, 2017

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Metropolitan Truck Sales Shares Why It’s Better to Buy New Than Used, Lakewood, New Jersey

When you’re in the market to replace your truck, you have a choice between buying a used or new model. As a respected truck dealer explains, there are a variety of advantages that come with buying new. Located in Lakewood, NJ, Metropolitan Truck Sales has earned a reputation as the region’s top supplier of rigs. Whether you’re looking for a box truck or a Hino truck, the professionals will provide you with a vehicle you love. 

truck dealerEven in just the last five years, there have been significant advances in fuel efficiency. Used vehicles won’t have the most modern innovations and will cost you more at the pump. Gas mileage is a particularly crucial issue with trucks since they’re commonly used for long trips. 

You can count on a new vehicle from a top truck dealer to be much safer than a used counterpart. Vehicles continue to be made safer every year, and there are increased safety standards that have become law. Thanks to strict guidelines from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, manufacturers have to consider safety more scrupulously than ever. When you compare a safety-optimized new truck to a used vehicle that has been through a series of accidents and repairs, it’s clear that a new rig is a better bet.

Drivers with a lower budget can still find excellent and safe options from Metropolitan Truck Sales. While not all companies provide a CarFax report to document a used vehicle’s history, Metropolitan Truck Sales believes in full transparency. 

To browse some of the best new trucks on the market, head over to Metropolitan Truck Sales. You can discuss the sales options with a friendly staff representative by calling (732) 901-3100. View the truck dealer’s gallery of pre-owned and new vehicles on their website

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