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Why Summer Is the Best Season for Moving August 7, 2017

Westridge, Sedalia
Why Summer Is the Best Season for Moving , Sedalia, Colorado

You may notice an influx of moving trucks and for-sale signs during the summer months. If you have, you’re observing evidence of a trend at large—from May through September, more Americans move than in any other season. However, if you have a move coming up, the popular months shouldn’t deter you from joining your neighbors. The friendly experts from Checkmate Moving and Storage in Highlands Ranch, CO, will explain why summer remains the best season to transition homes.  

3 Reasons to Opt for Summer Moving

1. Weather

Understandably, many people don’t want to move when it’s too hot out. However, rain, sleet, or snow pose much more severe moving hazards. A sunny day won’t damage your belongings, but excessive moisture definitely can. If you try to move when it rains—even if you hire movers—it may take longer due to the necessity of protecting everything with waterproof wrapping. Plus, wet and icy walkways pose a serious risk when carrying heavy items.

2. Sales Outlook 

Most people look for a new movinghome in the summertime, which means it’s an opportune time to put your place on the market. If you want to garner an excellent deal for your place, then it’s wise to move when the market is hot. 

3. Children

If you have children, you want to move before school starts. If your child needs to move to a new school district, you don’t want to force them to endure the change in the middle of the year. Moving in the summer will ensure you don’t negatively impact your child’s studies or social development.

If you’re preparing for a big move, the professionals from Checkmate Moving and Storage will help ease your transition. For the professionals you need for a smooth move, call the company today at (303) 346-6683. You may also visit the team online for more information. 

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