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3 Signs You Need Brake Repair August 7, 2017

Kalapaki Ahupua`a, Lihue
3 Signs You Need Brake Repair, Lihue, Hawaii

When your brakes are malfunctioning, it's important to schedule your brake repair as soon as possible. The braking system is one of the most important mechanisms of your automobile, and, when they're not working properly, it can be dangerous to you, your vehicle's occupants, and other drivers. To help you identify the need for brake work, the auto repair specialists at Tire Warehouse Kauai in Lihue, HI, outline the top three signs your system is failing.

When Do You Need Brake Repair?

1. Squealing Noise

One of the easiest signs to recognize is a loud, high-pitched noise when you apply pressure to your brake pedal. This sound is usually a result of your brake's built-in warning system, which signals the need for new pads. In some cases, the noise is a result of rust created from recent moisture exposure, such as heavy rainfall or minor flooding, and doesn't indicate the need for repairs. If the squealing happens consistently, it's most likely worn pads, so take your vehicle to your auto repair shop for a brake inspection.

2. Intense Vibrations

Brake RepairAnother common sign of a malfunction is vibrations occurring when you brake. Sometimes this is an intense tremor felt throughout the whole car, but, most of the time, it's a slight shaking that's only felt in the steering wheel. Such a sensation is caused by damaged rotors. If left unfixed, the problem can cause a complete braking failure, so be sure to schedule a brake repair as soon as you notice the problem.

3. Decreased Responsiveness

You should instantly feel your vehicle decelerate when pressing the brake. When there's a slight delay or it requires more pressure to create a reaction, then you may be leaking brake fluid.  If you notice you have to push harder than usual to brake, get to an auto repair shop immediately before you lose all deceleration control.

When it comes to brake repairs, it's important they're handled by a trusted professional. The auto repair specialists at Tire Warehouse Kauai have offered honest and reliable services to customers across the island since 1974. From wheel alignments to new tires, the team takes pride in their great customer service and affordable offerings. Learn more about their brake repair online, and schedule your service by calling (808) 245-6754.

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