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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary? August 4, 2017

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When is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?, Elyria, Ohio

When your baby teeth are replaced by your permanent adult teeth, you’re not quite done with dental development. Leidenheimer Dental Group explains that a third set of molars — known as wisdom teeth — usually emerge between ages 17 and 25. But, when there’s a risk that these molars will cause complications, this Elyria, OH, dentist says wisdom teeth removal may be necessary.

Keeping up with regular dental check-ups is the best way to keep track of wisdom teeth development, as x-rays will reveal how the molars are growing in. In some cases, x-rays may show that extraction isn’t necessary. For example, if the patient doesn’t have wisdom teeth or they have ample room for them to grow in properly.

wisdom teeth removalMany times, however, dental x-rays will show that the molars will grow in improperly and become impacted, or trapped beneath the gums. If this happens, there is a greater risk of infection, gum disease, and pain. When there isn’t enough room for the teeth to erupt completely, they may shift nearby molars and cause crowding. Cysts around wisdom teeth are less common but can lead to jaw and nerve damage.

If you haven’t had wisdom teeth removal to prevent these complications, you should keep a watchful eye on your dental health to catch any signs of potential problems. For example, you may need to call an emergency dentist for immediate extraction if you bleed, have infected gums, or feel severe pain or pressure behind the molars.

Whether it’s time for your next set of x-rays or you need emergency wisdom teeth removal in Elyria, OH, the team at Leidenheimer Dental Group can provide the convenient and comfortable care you need. Providing comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry services, these specialists are also well-equipped to provide other procedures to help you achieve a smile that looks and feels great. To schedule an appointment, contact the office at (440) 324-3441.

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