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Experts Discuss Benefits of Bluebird™ Buses August 11, 2017

Mount Olive, Morris County
Experts Discuss Benefits of Bluebird™ Buses, Mount Olive, New Jersey

Whether you’re responsible for transporting thousands of children back and forth to school every day or a few students to and from the local day care, choosing the right bus for the job is important. That’s why the professionals from Hoover Truck & Bus Centers in Flanders, NJ, are proud vendors of Bluebird™ Buses. Their Bluebird buses are some of the most cutting-edge vehicles on the market today, and they’ve compiled some facts about them to help illustrate why they stand up so well against the competition. 

For those who want the best transportation options, here are three reasons why Bluebird Buses are top of the line: 

  • Optional Gasoline Engines Make for Easier Maintenance: In addition to diesel, natural gas and propane, Blue Bird is the only bus manufacturer who can deliver gasoline engines in large buses.  Gasoline engines do not have the complexity of the emissions systems which plague diesel engines.  The lack of the DEF/DPF on all diesel buses make the bus less likely to be out of service for nuisance check engine lights.  Oil changes re much less expensive due to the smaller oil pan.
  • bluebird-busesReliable Engines: Seeing a school bus broken down on the side of the road is an all-too-familiar scene, but with Bluebird Buses, it’s a rare occurrence. The Ford® engines used in their buses have more than two decades of industry reliability and carry a five-year, unlimited mile warranty; this means that at the first sign of trouble, your Bluebird Bus can be repaired at no additional cost. 
  • Keeps Passengers Warmer: One of the biggest benefits of the Bluebird Buses available from Hoover Truck & Bus Center is that they’re much warmer than other buses with diesel engines. According to a comprehensive study performed in 2016, Bluebird Vision Gasoline Buses maintain an average temperature of 12 degrees more than buses with diesel engines, heating up faster and defrosting quicker, making for a warmer, safer ride. 
  • Up Front Cost: Gasoline buses cost less to buy than any other fuel bus.  Gasoline buses are the least expensive of all alternative fuel buses. 

To learn more about the benefits of Bluebird Buses, contact the professionals from Hoover Truck & Bus Centers today at (973) 347-4210. You can also visit them online for a closer look at their school bus repair and truck services. 

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