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How Your Local Asphalt Supply Company Is Beautifying Downtown Meriden August 11, 2017

How Your Local Asphalt Supply Company Is Beautifying Downtown Meriden , Meriden, Connecticut

The L. Suzio York Hill Companies is the local asphalt supply company happily helping downtown Meriden, CT, realize its full potential. The purveyors of concrete, crushed stone, and similar materials were recently involved in a number of construction and repair projects in this vibrant area so residents and tourists alike have more to enjoy. Enjoy learning about a few projects the asphalt supply company provided materials for.

3 Projects Meriden’s Best Local Asphalt Supply Company Worked On

1. The Colony Street Housing Project

The Colony Street Housing Project was completed in late 2016 and utilized the company’s full product line. The project focused on creating a transit-oriented development district within Meriden in the hopes of revitalizing the area and providing residents with more transit and subsequently more job opportunities. It was funded by the state as well as the Meriden Housing Authority, Department of Transportation, and the Westmount Development Group.

2. The Hub

asphalt supply companyThe Larosa Construction Company of Meriden used the team’s complete product line to finish the Hub, a park on vacant commercial land. Designed to help control flooding in addition to providing residents with another green space, the project was based on environmental construction and included the repurposing of all the dirt found on site. Other processed materials were reused for concrete sidewalk construction.

3. The Cook & Columbus Avenue Bridges

The L. Suzio York Hill Companies also supplied the materials for the improvement of the Cook and Columbus Avenue bridges, as the small bridges overlooking Harbor Brook had contributed to severe street flooding. The project included excavation to make the area safer for residents, particularly during the winter, when conditions get icy.

Rely on Meriden’s best asphalt supply company to help expedite your construction project via ready-mix concrete products among other high-quality materials. Enjoy an efficient order and delivery system to complete your job in a timely manner. Call (203) 237-8421 to place your order or visit The L. Suzio York Hill Companies’ website for more information about their products. 

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