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5 Topics to Discuss With Your Gynecologist August 8, 2017

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5 Topics to Discuss With Your Gynecologist, St. Peters, Missouri

Getting the best possible treatment from your gynecologist involves a willingness to openly discuss health issues you’re concerned about. At Advanced OB-GYN Services, offering support to patients in the Bridgeton and Saint Peters, MO areas, they’ll gladly address any topic you believe is relevant. They stress that while it’s common to feel shy or insecure, most women experience similar symptoms and there’s nothing these professionals haven’t already heard.

5 Concerns You Should Always Talk to Your Gynecologist About

1. Odors

Gynecologist-Bridgeton-MOUnderstandably, you may be reluctant to talk about vaginal odor when you visit your OBGYN. However, it’s important to cast aside any embarrassment you may have, especially if the issue has persisted for a relatively long time. It may be a sign of infection or bacterial overgrowth. 

2. Painful Periods

Although periods can naturally involve some degree of discomfort, if your pain is especially severe or debilitating, it’s worth talking to a gynecologist about it. You could be suffering from a condition like endometriosis, which is best handled right away.

3. Your Sexual History

A professional gynecology expert isn’t going to judge you based on your sexual behavior. To offer the right treatment, they need you to be honest about how many partners you’ve had, and whether you’ve been using protection.

4. Libido Issues

You may not know it, but your gynecologist can address a low libido. This condition is more common than many women realize, so you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable discussing it.

5. Sexual Pain

When talking to your gynecologist about your sexual history, be sure to mention if you’ve experienced any dryness or pain during sex. These types of problems may indicate abnormally low estrogen levels.

Most importantly, find a doctor you feel comfortable with. At Advanced OB-GYN services, in Bridgeton and Saint Peters, MO, you’ll be in the hands of qualified professionals who are as compassionate as they are knowledgeable. Contact them online to learn more about becoming a patient, or call (636) 928-1800 to speak with a representative today.

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