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3 Reasons You Need a Proper Windshield Replacement October 11, 2017

Rochester, Monroe
3 Reasons You Need a Proper Windshield Replacement, Rochester, New York

A proper functioning windshield is crucial to the driver’s and passengers’ well being. Using a less than optimal windshield can put more than yourself in danger. FB Glass located in Rochester, New York, understands the importance of a professional windshield replacement. The team at FB Glass has seen the issues a poorly installed windshield can pose and understands the value of a high-quality installation.

Reasons to Have a Proper Windshield

1. Protects Passengers From Accidents

Along with protecting passengers from debris that might get kicked up while driving, a properly installed window is crucial for protecting passengers if there’s an accident. If your car rolls over, your windshield will play a substantial part in ensuring the roof doesn’t cave in.

2. Keeps Objects in the Vehicle

windshield installationIf a passenger isn’t wearing a seatbelt during the car crash, they’ll likely be tossed out of their seat. If they’re thrown forward, they will rely on the help of a properly installed windshield to keep them in the car. A sturdy windshield will act as the last line of defense between a passenger and the outside world, so service your vehicle with a windshield replacement to assure the safety of your vehicle.  

3. Affects Airbag Responsiveness

Airbags deploy only after a vehicle has registered a certain amount of “crash pulse.” It’s this gauge that enables airbags to open. A windshield is partially responsible for the sensitivity of the crash pulse. Having a commercial glass installation is crucial to the efficacy of airbags. A windshield also has the role of absorbing the punch of airbags before they make contact with passengers. This deflection creates a safe impact for passengers. If an inefficient window is installed, the airbags will exit the vehicle, thus, leaving passengers unprotected.

A properly functioning windshield has a significantly larger role than simply allowing a driver to see the road ahead. Protect yourself and other riders with a windshield repair or windshield replacement from FB Glass. To have your car serviced, call the Rochester, New York-based company at (585) 441-1209. 

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