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What Is Frame Straightening & Why Do You Need It? September 11, 2017

Aiea, Ewa
What Is Frame Straightening & Why Do You Need It?, Ewa, Hawaii

In many collisions, there is significant damage done to the vehicle’s frame, which can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Drivers should bring their car into their local auto body repair shop to determine if frame straightening is necessary. Most collision repair shops can gauge whether the damage is severe enough to require this process in just a few minutes with a cursory inspection. 

Your Guide to Understanding Frame Straightening

What Is It?

frame straighteningWhen your car is damaged in a collision, it sometimes needs to measured to determine if you have frame damage. They will use a computerized frame machine to measure and correct any type of damaged frame back to its manufactures specifications. First, the vehicle is driven up onto a platform and firmly secured to keep it in place. Once the vehicle has been firmly secured, the vehicle will be scanned to determine if the frame does have any type of damage. If the vehicle was determined to have frame damage, a skilled technician will make the correction. 

Why Do You Need It?

When you’re involved in an accident that affects your frame, you risk more than a hefty repair bill. Your car is designed to bend in certain places in the event of a collision so that the passengers are not harmed. If you’re driving with a damaged frame and get into another accident, the frame may not be strong enough to keep you safe. Frame straightening restores the appearance of your car and can make all the difference in keeping your family’s health intact. 

If you’re a driver on Oahu and in the market for frame straightening services, consider working with the team at DADS Auto Body and Paint Shop in Aiea, HI. This team of specialists strives to provide quality repairs and superior results to keep your vehicle looking great and up to safety standards. Visit them online for more on their services and give them a call at (808) 487-3654.

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