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What Is the Appropriate Age for a Laser Frenectomy Procedure? August 7, 2017

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What Is the Appropriate Age for a Laser Frenectomy Procedure?, Anchorage, Alaska

Some children are born with tongue or lip ties, which restricts one’s range of oral motion. When the frenulum is too tightly attached to the lip or the region under the tongue, children may have a heightened risk for a range of conditions. If untreated, tongue or lip ties can lead to difficulty speaking or breathing, breastfeeding difficulty, and gaps between the teeth. Sometimes, they may even lead to digestive issues. Fortunately, there is a common and simple procedure to effectively treat this condition. A laser frenectomy procedure helps release the frenulum as a way to improve oral function. At Discovery Dental in Eagle River, AK, the experienced kids’ dentists provide the quick, comfortable procedures patients need to live well again. 

Laser Frenectomies: Appropriate for All Ages  

laser-frenectomiesMany parents of children with tongue or lip ties have the same question: What is the right age for the procedure? The answer varies, though unlike the traditional scalpel approach, laser frenectomies are appropriate for individuals of all ages, including newborns. The introduction of the dental laser has made the process simpler and less-invasive than ever. The dentist can release the frenulum to eliminate any relevant problems in one quick visit—in fact, the actual process only takes minutes. Typically, there is very little bleeding and minimal discomfort.

While laser frenectomies are often best conducted at a young age to avoid issues with oral development, always talk to your child’s dentist about what’s best. Every unique situation demands a personalized approach, and in some cases, tongue or lip ties actually do not need any intervention at all.

While some parents are understandably apprehensive about having their little one undergo laser surgery, the process is quick and virtually pain-free. For some babies, the procedure may be the only path to healthy weight gain and effective breastfeeding.

If you think your child may need a laser frenectomy, talk to the knowledgeable experts at Discovery Dental. Call the pediatric dentistry practice today at (907) 622-5437 or visit their website to learn more.  

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