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Your Guide to Prepaid Funerals August 15, 2017

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Your Guide to Prepaid Funerals, Colchester, Connecticut

The future is unpredictable, which can make end-of-life plans and budgeting difficult. One way to ensure your final wishes are recorded and fulfilled is to arrange a prepaid funeral. Not only does the planning process allow you to make important decisions about how you want to be interred, but it also helps you remove a significant financial burden from your family. Paying for your funeral in advance can even make it easier to qualify for Medicaid benefits. The following guide outlines how the prepayment process works and how it can help you protect your financial future.

How Does Prepayment Work?

Pre-Paid FuneralTo arrange a prepaid funeral, you need to meet with a local funeral director and discuss your plans. During this meeting, you will choose the type of service you want as well as the urn or casket for your remains. You have the option of paying in a lump sum or a series of installments. In both cases, the funeral home will keep your money in a trust fund. Upon your death, the fund will be applied to the funeral costs.

What Are the Financial Benefits?

There are two types of funds available for prepaid funerals: revocable and irrevocable. A revocable contract allows you to back out and receive most of your money back, while an irrevocable contract cannot be refunded. The primary benefit of an irrevocable prepaid funeral contract is that the fund is not counted among your assets when determining Medicaid eligibility. Planning a service in advance helps you spend down your current assets, so you qualify for financial assistance.

How Will a Prepaid Funeral Help My Family?

Paying for your funeral in advance makes coping with the loss easier for your loved ones. They won't have to worry about where the money will come from or who is financially responsible. A prepaid funeral is also an opportunity for you to have a say in the service, saving your family the stress of making arrangements while they are grieving.


Planning for the future can be a challenge, but it’s an important part of protecting your family and finances. When you need help planning a funeral, the directors at Belmont Funeral Home of Colchester, CT, will help you understand your options. Their prepaid funeral services can be tailored to suit your financial needs, ensuring your service is covered. To learn more, call (860) 537-2900 or reach out online.

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