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5 Tips for Keeping Invisalign® Trays Clean August 11, 2017

Honolulu, Honolulu
5 Tips for Keeping Invisalign® Trays Clean, Honolulu, Hawaii

In addition to being less noticeable and more comfortable than traditional metal braces, upkeep for Invisalign® aligner trays is also simple. However, Stephanie ML Wong DMD explains there are still a few routine tasks to ensure trays are well maintained.

So patients can have the best experience with these products, the Honolulu, HI, dentist provides advice for proper care below:

  • Never Eat With Trays On: If you’re sitting down for a meal, take off your aligner trays. Many foods can stain the trays and excessive chewing can lead to cracks or breaks. While you may be able to drink clear drinks or water while wearing them, removal is usually recommended. Dark drinks—such as wine or fruit juice—may cause discoloration. Hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, may also warp the material.
  • Rinse When You Remove: Whenever you remove the trays, it’s important to rinse them with water. This quick step will help flush out saliva and bacteria that can dry up on the surface—and possibly create hygienic risks when placed back in your mouth.
  • invisalign®Store When Not In Use: It can be tempting to leave Invisalign® trays on the counter or table when you remove them. However, leaving them in the open air puts them at risk of being damaged and invites bacteria. Instead, put them in a safe storage container.
  • Brush Trays When You Brush Teeth: As you keep up with your daily dental care routine, be sure to lightly brush the inside of the tray to remove any surface buildup. To protect the material from abrasive contact, don’t use toothpaste and only use a soft-bristle toothbrush.
  • Soak Occasionally: In addition to your daily care practice, you should soak your Invisalign® trays about once or twice a week. The product’s manufacturer makes a cleaning kit with a special crystal formula to give the trays a deep clean. However, many people administer alternative formulas, such as hydrogen peroxide or vinegar mixed with water.  

If you have any concerns about cleaning your Invisalign® trays, make sure to talk to your dentist about proper technique. Specializing in both cosmetic and general dentistry services, Stephanie ML Wong DMD can provide exceptional insight on aligner trays. If Invisalign® isn’t for you, she can also offer additional services to boost your smile, including affordable dentures, veneers, and teeth whitening. To schedule a convenient appointment, contact the clinic at (808) 732-3072.

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