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3 Reasons Why Seafood Always Tastes Better From Restaurants by the Beach August 1, 2017

Orange Beach, Baldwin
3 Reasons Why Seafood Always Tastes Better From Restaurants by the Beach, Orange Beach, Alabama

There’s something special about ending an evening beachside with a plate of fresh seafood. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on vacation or trying out a new local restaurant, seafood always tastes better when you can see where it came from. Barefoot Island Grill in Orange Beach, AL, is situated in a prime location along the Gulf Coast. If you’re in the mood for shrimp or fish, consider the following three reasons why it will taste better at Barefoot Island Grill.

3 Reasons Seafood Tastes Better by the Beach

1. It’s Fresh

seafoodWhen that steaming plate of fresh fish is put in front of you, you can look out over the water and know your meal was cooked fresh. Seafood that has been frozen and stored in the back of a freezer truck for days never tastes as good as fish and shrimp fresh out of the ocean. Barefoot Island Grill makes all of its dishes from scratch, and they guarantee their ingredients are delivered fresh on a daily basis.

2. A Relaxed Environment

Have you ever noticed how food seems to taste better when you’re relaxed? When you sit by the water, your sense of smell and taste will be focused solely on the food in front of you, and your mind will be able to enjoy each bite to its fullest potential. It’s also no coincidence that people go to the beach to the relax. With the beach behind you and a plate of fresh seafood to munch on, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your meal.

3. Chefs Who Specialize in Seafood

Preparing great-tasting seafood is a special kind of craft that not all chefs are skilled in. It takes ingrained skills and a steady hand to keep fish flaky and not rubbery, and the coast is the best place to find chefs who know what they’re doing. Seafood is a part of the culture in coastal towns, so it’s only natural that the best seafood chefs choose restaurants close to the beach. If you’re going to go to a restaurant for seafood, make it one by the water.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to the best seafood every now and then, and when you choose Barefoot Island Grill, you’ll get a great taste at an affordable price—with an unbeatable ocean view. Check out their menu by visiting their website, or call (251) 256-0055 for more information.

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