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MindsAhead Academy North Edison, NJ is an educational organization with a vision to become a leader in delivering a meaningful, high quality afterschool program to young children and a goal based tutoring service to older children. People, like yourself, are rigorously trained to execute curriculum so that the needs of our students are met.

Enrichment Program Experts Share 3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Reading Skills August 11, 2017

Edison, Middlesex County
Enrichment Program Experts Share 3 Ways to Improve Your Child's Reading Skills, Edison, New Jersey

Reading is one of the most important parts of a child's educational development. It’s the key to understanding textbooks, completing assignments, and flourishing in courses like English, social studies, and science. The team at New Jersey’s MindsAhead Academy knows just how critical strong reading abilities are to academic success. Here, the learning center and enrichment program staff suggests a few ways to help improve your child's skills. 

Develop a Routine

Like any other skill, your child can improve their reading ability through regular practice. Whether they join a summer program at their school or local library or prefer to read independently, your child should spend between 20 minutes and an hour each day reading something stimulating.

Discuss the Material

enrichment program Edison NJEven if your child reads regularly, they may not be absorbing all the material or connecting new information to the knowledge they already have. Help your child learn to read for meaning by discussing each section or chapter. This way, your child is not only sharpening their reading skills, but they’re also learning to think critically and articulate their thoughts about the material. 

Consider a Summer Enrichment Program

Parents and teachers see summer vacation as the time of year when students forget much of what they learned during the school year. In many cases, this can slow their progress when the next term begins. Families can combat skill regression by enrolling their children in summer enrichment programs that stimulate their minds from June to September. 

If you’re looking for a way to get your student more involved in reading, MindsAhead Academy is prepared to help. This top-tier learning center offers after-school and summer enrichment programs for children ages 5 to 14, helping them expand their vocabulary, master grammar, and improve their reading comprehension. Their highly trained staff and tutors come from various backgrounds, including education, psychology, and personality development. While MindsAhead Academy focuses on children, they also accommodate college-age students and adults. Visit their website or call (201) 270-8684 to learn more about their programs.

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