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Should You Turn on the AC or Roll Down the Windows? Queens Auto Mall Weighs In August 16, 2017

Richmond Hill, Queens
Should You Turn on the AC or Roll Down the Windows? Queens Auto Mall Weighs In, Queens, New York

Summertime in the state of New York is hot, and you may be wondering whether it’s better to turn on the AC in your car to protect yourself from the heat or just roll the windows down. According to Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill, there are pros and cons to each one. Read on to learn which one the auto mall recommends so you save the most money while you’re on the road.

Air Conditioning On

auto mallDriving with your AC on full blast may be the most comfortable way to get where you need to be, but it’s not always the most fuel efficient. According to Richmond Hill’s leading auto mall, putting your AC on full blast during a long ride can take a toll on your engine, which means it’ll use more fuel to run. This, in turn, results in you spending more at the pump.

Windows Down

Many people believe opening the windows while driving can increase the drag and cause the car to run slower, resulting in greater gas usage. However, General Motors did a study back in 2004 that busted this myth. They tested two types of vehicle at four varying speeds and found driving with the windows down consumes less gas. They also found bigger vehicles, such as SUVs, see a significant drop in their fuel consumption when they turn the AC off and roll the windows down.

The verdict? If you are serious about saving money on gas, drive around with your windows down whenever you can. And if you’re in search of a new vehicle, turn to Queens Auto Mall in Richmond Hill. They offer top-notch customer service and have an extensive inventory of quality used cars. Find out whether they have the car you’re looking for by calling (718) 523-9090. You may also visit their website to see their selection of pre-owned cars.

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