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New Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Ways They'll Revamp Your Space August 11, 2017

Lawler, Chickasaw
New Kitchen Cabinets: 3 Ways They'll Revamp Your Space, Lawler, Iowa

If you want to give the kitchen a much-needed revamp, you might think a major renovation project is the best solution. According to the team at Brincks Construction and Cabinet Company, there’s a simpler way to give your space a new look. They say updating kitchen cabinets won’t only transform the room but also add to its functionality and keep things organized. Based in Lawler, the company is known throughout northeast Iowa for its custom-made cabinets for home remodeling projects. 

Below, the local cabinetry craftsmen share three ways installing new kitchen cabinets will benefit your property:

  • kitchen cabinetsMakes the Room Appear Larger: Old, worn, or dingy cabinetry brings down the aesthetic appeal of the entire space. The eyesore sticks out, making it hard to notice sleek appliances, quaint dining nooks, and additional room accents. Installing new kitchen cabinets will make the entire space look more polished. Long cabinets in light colors will make it appear larger too. 
  • Boosts Property Value: If you eventually put the house on the market, installing new kitchen cabinets will increase your property value. When it comes to the kitchen, buyers are on the lookout for new appliances and cabinets. Because this is one less home improvement they need to make, you could increase the asking price. 
  • Provides Safety for Your Family: If cabinets are made of wood, the natural material will start withering over time and lose its protective coatings. This makes it vulnerable to mold and bacteria growth, which could contaminate food and make your family sick. By upgraded the cabinets, you can rest easy knowing putting food in cabinets won’t compromise your family’s health. 

If you want to refresh your La Crosse, WI; Rochester, MN; or Cedar Rapids, IA, property with new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, the team at Brincks Construction and Cabinet Company will help. Visit the company online to see how they’ll match new kitchen cabinets to your current layout. You can also like them on Facebook for pictures of completed projects.  

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