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Figure Skating Tips: 3 Skills You Need to Become a Great Skater August 10, 2017

Randolph, Morris County
Figure Skating Tips: 3 Skills You Need to Become a Great Skater, Randolph, New Jersey

Figure skating is not just a sport. For those who do it, it’s also a way of life. Whether you were inspired by the last Winter Olympics or have always enjoyed cutting figure 8s on the ice, taking your skills to the next level requires a lot of time and dedication. The skills you need to become a great skater develop with time and practice. However, figure skating is also more than turning and jumping.

Consider the following skills you need to realize your figure skating dream:


Coordination is the foundation for practically every athletic endeavor. In sports, coordination is defined as the ability to efficiently use different parts of the body simultaneously, resulting in smooth, seemingly-effortless transitions. Coordination contributes greatly to balance, something essential to figure skating success.

Basic Skating Skills

figure skatingBasic skating skills provide the foundation necessary for more advanced movements, including spins and jumps. There, you should master the fundamentals such as forward and backward strokes or strides, gliding on one foot, and crossovers. Strides are simply skating forwards and backwards, while crossovers refer to crossing one foot over the other to increase your speed. Acing crossovers will also help you fine-tune your jumping.

Mental Toughness

The mental aspect of sports is just as important as the physical. Learning to become a great figure skater means plenty of falls and related accidents, days where nothing seems to go right, and lots of other mishaps, and that is okay! The best athletes are those who believe in their abilities and get right back up when they fall – physically or emotionally. Developing the mental strength you need to focus and compete will not happen overnight, but is just as necessary to great figure skating as leaping through the air.


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