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Fresh Closet Design Trends for 2017 August 11, 2017

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Fresh Closet Design Trends for 2017, Columbia, Missouri

A custom closet design should be as beautiful as it is functional. When you love the way your storage space looks, you will be inspired to keep your belongings organized. The team at Organize That Space in Columbia, MO, creates personalized storage solutions that are easy to use and attractive additions to any home. Here, they share a few design trends that will upgrade your closet.


With an island in your closet, you can create a boutique-inspired space that will make it easier for you to fold clothes, coordinate outfits, and store accessories. For small items like sunglasses, jewelry, and ties, lined drawers work perfectly—and you can also attach shelves to the adjacent sides of your island. Having a flat, clean surface is also convenient for folding laundry before tucking each item into a drawer. If you travel frequently, installing an island provides a convenient place to set your suitcase while you pack.

Closet DesignGlass Features

The best designs let you determine at a glance what you want to wear and where you can find it. With glass cabinet doors and clear containers, everything you need is visible, so you won’t have to dig for a particular blouse or skirt. In addition to their pragmatism, glass features also look modern and attractive—they’ll make your closet look more spacious and clean than solid wood cabinetry.

Custom Seating

Adding a seat takes your closet design from functional to fabulous. If you have enough space, build a bench against one wall, between two cabinets, or set into an island. If you have limited space, a single ottoman gives you a comfortable place to sit when you put on your shoes.  

If these trends have inspired you to upgrade your closet design, then the team at Organize That Space is ready to help you make it happen. Their experts will manufacture and install the closet system of your dreams. Call (573) 474-1072 and visit them online for more details about their organization solutions for your entire home.

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