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5 Reasons You Need a Chimney Liner, From Kennebunkport's Fireplace Experts September 12, 2017

Kennebunkport, York
5 Reasons You Need a Chimney Liner, From Kennebunkport's Fireplace Experts, Kennebunkport, Maine

If you enjoy curling up in front of a warm fire on a chilly evening, you should consider installing a chimney liner. It’s a steel, clay, or concrete channel that fits into your chimney and offers a variety of benefits, especially if you use your fireplace frequently. Kennebunkport-based Absolute Chimney Service, the leading fireplace repair and chimney cleaning company in southern Maine, explains what you will gain from this product.

5 Reasons You Need a Chimney Liner

1. Energy Efficiency

A liner insulates the chimney and limits heat loss, keeping your home warmer. It also enables the fire to burn hotter by promoting efficient airflow. This reduces the need to refuel so you can save money on firewood.

2. Fire Prevention

A chimney liner creates a fireproof barrier between the structure and the embers and exhaust of the fire. It lessens the chance of a fire igniting inside the structure and spreading to your house.  

3. Increased Chimney Lifespan

Chimney liner Kennebunkport, MEOver time, the heat of a fire will damage the internal structure of your chimney as acidic flue gases cause the bricks and mortar to corrode. A chimney liner prevents this destruction and lengthens the expected lifespan of your chimney.

4. Easier Maintenance

The smooth sides of a chimney liner are easier to clean than the uneven surface of a brick and mortar chimney. This makes maintenance easier, less expensive, and less time-consuming.

5. Reduced Creosote Buildup

The interior of a chimney liner collects less soot and creosote than the nooks and crannies of a brick or stone chimney. This reduces accumulation of these extremely flammable substances.

If you want to enhance the performance and safety of your chimney, Absolute Chimney Service in Kennebunkport, ME, offers the services you need. They can install a chimney liner in less than a day and also provide expert chimney repairs and maintenance. Visit their website for more chimney maintenance tips and call (207) 967-2274 to schedule an inspection.

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